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Filming & Production

The fun part

Over the years I've been freelance I've filmed everything from follow cams with skiers hurling themselves down mountains to the Prime Minister. The filming is the real fun part for me and getting to do this for a job is a real privilege and what keeps it fun is the huge amount of varying situations I end up in.

The craft of film-making is what drives me, if I'm not working on something, I can guarantee I'm thinking how I can improve an element of my workflow. It's both my job and my hobby.

Sheffield College & Field, Video shoot. Photo by Joe Horner


Editing & Motion

Colour Grading

What & Why?

Colour grading is a process that happens in post-production, generally at the end which adds colour to the filmed footage. Colour is an important tool in crafting an aesthetic, creating emotion and engaging audiences.

My film emulations are built from research and first hand experience in emulating the elements of analog film that I've grown to love. I've created my own completely customisable recipe which, when combined with film stock knowledge can be adapted to emulate the subtleties and colour of any film stock.